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PR SOLES® Recovery Slides

PR SOLES® recovery slides help to reduce foot pain, leg pain, and lower back pain!
By helping your feet recover, recovery slides reduce muscle soreness, tension, inflammation, encourage blood flow, and absorb step impact more than average slides!
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Unpopular opinion: Not all recovery slides are created equal.
Popular opinion: PR SOLES® recovery slides help you recover faster from your run, workout, or day on your feet by improving foot pain, absorbing step impact, and encouraging circulation.

If you run, workout, or are on your feet for extended periods of time and feel like you get punished each time with foot pain, you should look into PR SOLES® recovery slides. Originally made with runners in mind, PR SOLES® recovery slides were crafted to be worn after a workout to help alleviate pain and tension in the foot. We quickly discovered that many people, not just runners, can benefit from recovery slides.

PR SOLES® Recovery Slides: Who Can Benefit?

Anyone can benefit from recovery slides, especially those on their feet for extended periods of time or anyone who struggles with foot pain.

PR SOLES® Recovery Slides: How Do They Work?

PR SOLES® recovery slides are made with ACUPOINT® technology footbeds. ACUPOINT® technology footbeds massage your feet as you walk which helps to reduce foot pain by:

  • Reducing tension, inflammation, and swelling in the muscles of the feet
  • Reducing lactic acid buildup by encouraging blood circulation
  • Absorbing step impact
Don’t believe us? Read it for yourself from those who have worn PR SOLES® recovery slides! Our website is filled with personal testimonials from people who have found relief using PR SOLES® recovery slides!
PR SOLES® Recovery Slides Reviews

Merit S. (United States)


    Feet don’t ache at night

    “Been wearing these for 3 weeks around the house and noticed my feet no longer ache and throb at night. They are made for men and are very wide for a woman. I wear mine with thick socks. I wish they had more of an arch to feel more support when wearing them but the pain in my feet don’t keep me up at night any more or hurt in the morning so maybe arch support is unnecessary.”

Michal (United States)


    Ironman World Championship

    “This purchase was worth everything! Amazingly comfortable and light, this recovery sandal helped me to get my legs ready for the race and recover right after! If you’re a runner or triathlete do yourself a favor and order a pair!”

Luis A. (United States)


    Super comfy

    “Great, so comfortable, I wear them around the house all day and they give me more energy in my feet”