April 6th | by Katie S. | LIFESTYLE

Packing for Travel: 5 Essentials You Need

Packing for travel can be difficult but as long as you have these essentials you will be ready to explore with ease! Here is what you need to pack to keep your trip smooth and focused on what’s in front of you, not what was left behind!
packing travel essentials packing travel essentials

To all our travelers out there - let’s talk travel and what you need to scratch down on your packing list. Are you a packing extremist? Maybe an over-packer who starts two weeks early because they will forget their underwear if they don’t? Or do you have a PhD in procrastination and are throwing your toothbrush into your bag as you walk out the door… Only to realize you forgot your toothpaste once you are boarding your flight? Now before you plead your case about why you pack the way you do, hear us out: if these five things aren’t on your list and in your bag, you are missing out!

Travel Shoes: PR SOLES® Recovery Shoes

Walking through airports, walking to a taxi, walking to sightsee, walking to the beach, walking to dinner, walking back to the hotel… okay, you get it. Trips have a lot of walking, but that should not be a reason to slow you down! Whether you hit every sight to see or you hit the snooze on the beach and are debating never going home, there are still many reasons to prevent your feet from hurting!

These PR SOLES® recovery shoes are made to help your feet “recover” from the stress of a long day on your feet. They contain ACUPOINT® technology, meaning they absorb the impact made on your feet as you step. Reducing the amount of pressure placed on your feet has been found to decrease foot pain, back pain and joint pain. They are also lightweight, easy to pack and versatile. And don’t worry - there are sneakers for sightseeing and flip flops for beach lounging!

Travel Polaroid Camera

Anyone who loves to make memories probably likes to capture them, too! What once was an outdated tradition has been recycled into a sweet and fun way to remember your trip! Take a polaroid on your trip and capture your favorite spots! Then when you get home you can add them to your album, wall, or mirror to remind you of your memory. Pro tip: there are many small, newer polaroids that are much easier to pack!

Travel Polaroid Camera Travel Polaroid Camera

Travel Water Bottle

We have all been there: traipsing through some historial, monumental sight that we have been waiting to see only to be looking for a place to get some water. Not to mention the headache and fatigue that comes with dehydration! For our budget kings and queens, this is also a great way to save money along the way!

Travel Bag: Adélie Bag by FLYTE

Would this really be a travel post if we didn’t talk about bags?! This Adélie Bag made by FLYTE is the perfect travel companion and here is why. It is big enough to fit what you need but small enough to not weigh you down. It even contains a luggage strap that slips on the handle of a suitcase so you don’t have to worry about it slipping off your shoulder. And if that still isn’t enough to convince you.. It is MACHINE WASHABLE. Yup, you heard us right but we don’t mind saying it again.. MACHINE WASHABLE.


Travel Pillow

Think you don’t have room for a travel pillow? We think you do! There are all different types of pillows for all different pillow priorities! For the space Scrooge, there are inflatable neck pillows that squish down to be very small so you only use the space when you need it (you can thank us later).

For the comfort enthusiasts, there are memory foam pillows that adjust to your specific head (& they aren’t too expensive either!). No matter the direction you go when it comes to pillow preference, nothing is worse than having a crick in your neck all day because you didn’t pack that pillow.

With that, we hope you pack well, include the essentials, and remember us with a smile when you use any of your new packing list items!