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The Best Travel Shoes

The best travel shoes await you! PR SOLES® travel shoes contain massaging footbeds that help to relieve pain from being on your feet for extended periods of time!
The Best Travel Shoes The Best Travel Shoes

You would have never guessed that traveling to 10 tourist sites in one day would be as tiring as it is… or make your feet hurt the way they do.

When you and your friends talked about what you wanted to see, you forgot to factor in foot pain… real shocker, we know! As you shift from left to right, you have decided there are no longer any ways to stand without foot pain.. Or sit since that is when the throbbing really starts.

As you smile politely hoping to hide the pain, you wonder if this will be your last active trip. Well our wanderlust friend, your wandering must go on.. Just with a little travel friend - the best travel shoes. PR SOLES® are the best travel shoes, and let us tell you why!

The Best Travel Shoes: PR SOLES®

PR SOLES® are the best travel shoes because they:

  • Reduce pain in the feet, lower back, legs, and joints
  • Reduce swelling in the feet and legs
  • Encourage blood flow which reduces lactic acid buildup
  • Machine washable
  • Weigh 1.5 pounds or less combined
  • Slip on and off with no laces
  • Are breathable - perfect for winter or summer
  • Bendable and easy to pack

You have probably heard many shoes be called the best travel shoes but here at PR SOLES® we are not just talking about style and versatility (although PR SOLES® have those, too). These are the best travel shoes because they have ACUPOINT® technology in the footbeds - meaning they massage your feet as you walk!

We are a family-owned business that values being active! Fitting in our workouts, the kids' sports, and so many other things made it hard for us to stay off our feet for long periods of time to relieve foot pain. That is why we decided to create PR SOLES®, shoes that help you recover from time on your feet faster without having to be off your feet.

How PR SOLES® Travel Shoes Work

Many things happen to your feet and legs when you overuse them. Your muscles can become pulled, inflamed, or tight. Your feet may swell and lactic acid may build up.

Massaging has been seen to reduce all of these symptoms! As you walk on PR SOLES® massaging footbeds, your feet are able to recover from strenuous activity faster by reducing inflammation, tension, swelling, and lactic acid buildup.

Don’t let foot pain stop you from enjoying your travels! Pack the best travel shoes, PR SOLES®, and spend less time thinking about your feet and more time on them!

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