April 11th | by Katie S. | ACTIVE

Benefits of Running

What are the benefits of running? Consistently running has been found to positively impact both your physical and mental health!
Benefits of Running Benefits of Running

The average marathon runner will take over 55,000 steps to complete the lofty 26.2 mile race. Within the first step, the body activates 200 muscles to take just.. One. Step. Forward.. & only 49,999 more to go (at least). The average marathon runner will cross the finish line having lost 3-6 liters of sweat - equal to a shocking 12-36 cups of water - and 2600 calories - equivalent to over 18 cans of coke!

Clearly these runners are dedicated to what the rest of the world attributes to madness, but what happens to their bodies during this marathon and what do they gain from running?

  1. Running Strengthens Your Bones
    Running is a great way to strengthen your bones! As your body becomes accustomed to the weight of your body hitting the pavements, your bones will become stronger!
Running Strengthens Your Bones Running Strengthens Your Bones
  1. Running Strengthens Your Heart
    As the GOAT of cardio, running is a great way to strengthen your heart muscles! Just like any other muscle, your heart becomes stronger when you exercise and will eventually be able to do its job better! That is why those who exercise frequently often have lower heart rates - their hearts are able to push blood throughout their body more efficiently.

  2. Running Burns Calories
    The average runner burns 100 calories during every 10 minutes of running! If you don’t think that is a lot, check your FitBit next time you workout and you will be surprised to find that many exercises do not burn that many calories per window of time!

  3. Running Helps Your Sleep
    Studies have shown that running consistently may help you sleep better at night! And believe it or not, studies have also found that individuals who run consistently are more alert and less drowsy during the day!
Running Helps You Sleep Running Helps You Sleep
  1. Running is Good For Your Mental Health
    Running, and exercising in general, releases endorphins - chemicals that make you feel happier! Running has been seen to reduce anxiety, depression, and stress!

  2. Running Keeps You Healthy
    Don’t catch a cold, run from it! Running regularly has been linked to improving your immune system. It is estimated that consistent runners contract upper respiratory tract infections 47% less than the average person!

  3. Running Reduces Your Risk for Long Term Illnesses
    Running helps you lose or maintain a healthy body weight! Obesity has been seen to cause many long term health conditions like heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, and more! Consistently maintaining your weight will help you reduce your risk for these diseases!

  4. Running May Lower Knee Pain
    Contrary to popular belief, running has not been seen to increase your risk of knee pain or osteoarthritis. If your knees hurt when you run, you are probably over-doing it and need to slow down. You can also try stretching or getting recovery shoes to speed up your body’s recovery rate.

  5. Running Strengthens Your Muscles
    We all want strong muscles, right? Well, running might just be the thing that gets you there! When you run, you activate muscles and build endurance overtime! This also becomes even more important as you get older and you begin to lose muscle mass.
Running strengthens muscles Running strengthens muscles

Did you ever wonder why running is so good for you? Well, there's your answer. Join the millions of people who run all over the world. You don’t have to be a marathon runner to enjoy running or receive the health benefits of it. You also can run races in your neighborhood! There are even virtual races you can sign up for where you run with people all over the United States!